About Me

Hey there! I’m Max, and I was born and raised in an Asian American Evangelical/Baptist church that was my whole world. Trained in the Way of the Master, I was on fire for Jesus, got baptized twice, could do a Sword Drill in twenty seconds flat and sense a youth pastor from across the room. Then I got to high school, and my world fell apart. My doubts sparked a deconversion process that’s followed me to college. Now, I blog to recover from the toxic Christianity I grew up in and reclaim who I am.

I’m a prodi-gal… a heretic with heart… an elect gone rogue.
I’m going godless, and you’re welcome to come with.

Through this blog, I’ve met people from many religious backgrounds – Pentecostal, Catholic, cult, Mormon, Muslim, Hare Krishna, Jehovah’s Witness, the list goes on. Their stories, struggles, victories, and needs have coalesced in me a deep passion for helping people like me who are struggling to transition out of/recover from harmful religions.

I want to be a social worker to counsel, create resources, and build community among the marginalized. My dream is to work especially with people leaving religious communities and lifestyles. A heretic helper, or apostate ally, if you will. 

The heart I have for fellow faith-exiters has led to projects like becoming an agent on Recovering from Religion’s Hotline/Chatline, compiling a resource directory for people who leave their faiths, and co-running a help blog for people recovering/transitioning away from their religions at The Art of Leaving.

I love getting to know people who can relate, so if you’d like to talk or be friends, please shoot me a message or leave a comment! I love prodigal pals. 😉

In my spare time, I am studying Psych and Sociology, saving up for grad school, learning the harp (and the back handspring), watching too much Netflix, daydreaming about future tattoos, and so much more.


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